Program and Policy Insight, LLC (PPI) is owned and managed by Kendra Lodewick, with substantial experience providing evaluation, policy analysis, and technical assistance services. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, PPI maintains close relationships with numerous independent contractors and research organizations that have expertise in a wide range of substantive areas and methodologies.

Kendra Lodewick
Kendra Lodewick Resume (.pdf)

Kendra Lodewick, PPI Principal, specializes in research and evaluation that improves the well-being and economic independence of individuals, families, and communities. Ms. Lodewick has nearly 15 years experience conducting independent evaluations, policy analysis, and technical assistance in the areas of workforce development, welfare, education, and community development. Ms. Lodewick employs quantitative and qualitative methodologies to collect and analyze program data and inform program implementation and policy development. Ms. Lodewick is involved in all aspects of project implementation, including research design and oversight, survey development and implementation, literature reviews, qualitative data collection, data analysis, and client and public presentations; she routinely performs budget, contract, and client management. She has also provided technical assistance on data collection, service provision, and best practices to numerous workforce development organizations throughout the country. Prior to forming Program and Policy Insight, LLC, Ms. Lodewick worked at nationally recognized evaluation firms, including Abt Associates (Cambridge, MA) and Berkeley Policy Associates (Oakland, CA). Ms. Lodewick received her Bachelor in Public Policy Administration and Management from Cornell University and a Master in Public Affairs-Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
PPI is a founding member of the Insight Network, an affiliation of consultants with diverse skill sets partnering to provide a broad range of products and services for clients.  The mission of the Insight Network is to provide clients with high utility services and products that maximize understanding and improve outcomes. The Insight Network's cross-sector approach, which includes collaborative planning and facilitation services, leverages the assets of multiple policy disciplines, including program evaluation, applied research, regional planning, performance measurement, and community indicators, to enhance community and agency impact. To learn more about the Insight Network, click here.