Areas of Expertise

Welfare reform and implementation
Expertise includes evaluation of demonstration or initial program implementation; outcome analyses that focus on work-related indicators and post-receipt self-sufficiency; and technical assistance to develop and utilize program data and evaluation findings to improve service delivery. PPI principals have evaluated and provided technical assistance to local, state and federal welfare agencies.

Workforce development
Expertise includes evaluation of innovative employment and training demonstration programs, implementation assessments of state workforce development initiatives, and technical assistance related to program development, implementation, and performance measurement. PPI principals have conducted research and technical assistance for non-profit, state, and federal workforce development agencies.

National and community service

Expertise includes development of surveys to assess program experience and post-program activity and evaluation and reporting of service implementation and outcome indicators. PPI staff have worked with the Corporation for National Service and similar service organizations to evaluate the impact of civic engagement in the lives of participants and the greater community.

Youth development
Expertise includes evaluations of youth-oriented demonstration projects, a youth-initiated community development initiative, and review of developmentally appropriate curriculum and teaching techniques in employment and training programs for youth, PPI principals have worked with non-profit, local and state government agencies to support youth-focused initiatives.

Education and training
Expertise includes evaluation of program implementation and service delivery and strategic recommendation and program planning. PPI principals have evaluated several innovative education initiatives, including Smaller Learning Communities, evidence-based reading instruction, and various career and vocational programs.